How Can A Web Site Create Income?

Many people are making a very good living from their web sites! How can a web site make money?

The Internet has been a place of free information and a place where you could read about any subject for free, and it still is.

But it has changed to also be a huge market place with large amounts of money being spent every day. All you can think of from music to cars and skyrockets are available.

There are different models of making money online.

Each model have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common models:

Set up an online store

An online store will sell goods through it's web site including delivery to the door. This model requires a lot of work and it's nearly the same as having a real world store. You have to do all the same procedures and everything except the actual shop location are needed.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular methods of making money from a web site. A high percentage of online merchants have an affiliate program. You'll become an affiliate of the merchant when you sign up to join the affiliate program.

You will link to the merchants products from your site and get a percentage of every purchase made from your links. The links can be implemented in the form of banners and or text links in your content.

Advertising at your web site

Google's AdSense program is a popular maintenance free income source. Once accepted into the program it's very easy to implement. You just insert a code into your pages and appropriate ads for your pages theme will show up. The difference between AdSense and an affiliate program is that you will get paid a small amount every time a visitor clicks on your ads.

Of course there are plenty of other advertising networks available. As they all work more or less the same no detailed description is necessary. Other well known ad networks: Yahoo, adbrite, azoogle ads, chitika... just to name a few.

The drop shipping model

Drop shipping means that you sell hard goods without having to actually store or handle it. The goods will be handled, stored and even delivered by a drop shipping company. The goods will be delivered as if you were the sole provider. This has the advantage that your online presence will appear to be an online store when in fact all you need is a website.

Making money from a web site will not be achieved over night, but it can be done if you are willing to work at it. Keep going and you will have all the chances in the world.


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