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There are many issues to be considered when one is looking for an internet services provider. These include the price of accessing the service, the speed, reliability among other things. Among all these, speed is very important factor because it is the main determinant whether one will enjoy the services or not. As you might have noticed, speed is determined by many factors, one of which is the type of connection. If you are looking for great speed, choosing a bonded T1 service is probably a good choice. The bonded T1 line is a collection of several T1 lines which are bonded together into one line connecting you to the internet. It combines the capabilities of the different lines allowing you to enjoy higher speed with your connection. To understand this option better, you should examine the capabilities of individual T1 lines. For instance, if a single line has a download and uploads speed of 1.55Mbps, then the 3X bonded line will have a speed of 4.5 Mbps. With such speed, you can enjoy faster connections compared to those with a normal T1 connection. Apart from bonding different lines, this option also offers other benefits. For instance, it is not shared. Hence this makes it a better option than a normal DSL connection. You will get a speed guarantee and a service level agreement. Remember, the SLA differ depending on the provider. Thus, there is need to compare what different providers have on offer. The SLA cover issues like up-time, latency and mean time to repair. You should look for a provider with a good offer in terms of the service level but it should not lead to exorbitant charges. Remember, a good provider will not over-emphasize the SLA because their services are reliable. As stated above, price is important. You should note that different providers quote different prices. Do not forget that the price quoted is based on many factors including the address of the premise being connected. Therefore, when getting quotes, you should provide accurate information to all the carriers for you to get the right quote. Even with all this information, choosing one provider is not easy. This is because price alone cannot be used as the determinant. Even if you combine the best price and fastest speed, there will still be other factors that might ruin your experience while using the services of a certain provider. This is why you must consider all factors that affect the services. The best way to deal with the situation is by comparing all the service providers you come across. Get a quote from all the carriers, search for reviews from other users and if possible get in touch with the carriers you find most attractive. However, before you settle for their services, look for carrier services specialists who will help you establish which provider is the best among those in your list. Once you get a good bonded T1 service provider, you will never worry about internet connectivity and speed again.
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