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Happy holidays and welcome to the start of our series on the second organic power center known as the sacral chakra (or in Sanskrit the svadisthana). Energy flowing via this chakra aids our capability to genuinely take pleasure in life and all it has to offer- feeling life’s abundant nature moving to us. Yet, this area can easily get thrown off Kilter if we put our happiness on hold to meet other folks demands of us? Sound familiar? In the event the energy within the sacral chakra is out of balance or blocked it can often bring about depression as we forget to nurture ourselves and numerous physical ailments and emotional instabilities can manifest from blockages within this chakra, including low back pain, feelings of guilt, distrust, getting overly sensitive and usually pointing the blame to other people because the root cause of our discomfort and sadness. This stunted growth feeling can put your inventive and sexual expression on the back burner. And unfortunately poor energy flow in this region can result in intimacy issues like impotency and sexual inhibition or exploitation (and why I chose the phrase: sexy sacral chakra). Warning- an imbalance in our 2nd chakra can leave us feeling paralyzed with an inability to alter. Is that important enough yet to gain our total focus? As we nurture and strengthen the energy within this chakra, we begin to really feel the JOY of life. So as you can see, this chakra is fairly foundational when it comes to preparing ourselves for an authentic life filled with pleasure, creative expression, and abundance. While all chakras are crucial, it is possible to possibly see by now that they can be also progressive, and that by it's essential to care for our basic requirements before we are able to completely leverage the power of the higher level chakras which we are going to be discussing later. For the final few weeks we discussed the root chakra which was all about becoming grounded and connected with our physical bodies, the earth, and the physical universe about us; realizing we are fine where we're meant to be. As we move up into the sacral chakra it is much more about our mental and emotional self-esteem and staying connected to our feelings along with the men and women about us. You might be asking by now: “How do I know if I am out of balance inside the sacral chakra? What if I haven’t yet manifested several of the symptoms mentioned above, or perhaps if I've how do I know if they're a result of low or blocked power in my sacral chakra?” Exceptional question! And, that is certainly why this week’s mini life coaching video gives you some essential inquiries to ask your self that can enable you to diagnose a lack of balance within your sacral chakra. And, I integrated some 2nd chakra homework it is possible to do anyplace. Locate the video by clicking on the community forum tab at the top of the web page then as soon as inside the forum click on the “7 Natural Energy Center Training” subject. Once you click on the 7 Natural Energy Center Training Area click on Chakra 2-week 1 and give your self this 2nd chakra assessment. Even when you don’t have any concerns with all the power in your sacral chakra, WAIT a minute, we all have problems at occasions with studying the best way to say “no” and putting our wants first. So, come along for the JOY ride with the upcoming techniques and workout routines that will enable you to be the amazing person which you really are. Time to nurture yourself, really feel at ease in your relationships, and get in touch with your creative & sexual nature with these fun and useful workout routines Coming Your Way over the next few weeks. Enjoy the life coaching video and until next week have a safe, fun, and blessed holiday season.

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