Apple Supplied 73 Million iPhones in Q4, Apple Watch To Come out in March

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is quite renowned on the subject of Apple. In a analysis note, the researcher produced a forecast concerning the iPhone 6 gross sales, indicating the corporate sent a whopping 73 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2014. It's not merely the iPhone 6 income outlook, the researcher also believes that Apple will release the highly-anticipated Apple Watch in March. Although Apple is really a little reserved in regards to certain information regarding the Watch, the statement thinks about Apple could possibly discover information regarding the wearable in advance of its roll-out.

As for the iPhone 6 anticipates, the expert quotations the 4.7-inch unit led the charts with over 42 million units delivered although the iPhone 6 Plus was simply over 16 million sales. He also reports the silly bandz for that first quarter of 2015 in the form of little above 61 million. Kuo reviews that Apple Watch cargo shipments are anticipated to get along with 2.8 million for the quarter ending in March, which is quite remarkable.

Furthermore, the expert say the business is required to introduce the much-awaited 12-inch Macbook Air together with Retina display during this quarter, a bit before April. The machine will probably be equipped with Retina display, latest Intel's chip, and often will supply ultra-thin form factor. Kuo desires Mac revenue to boost to 6 million after the first quarter, rising a bit more than 5.9 million prediction in Q4.

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