Mixtape Cover Designs: The Right Graphics Choices Lead to Career Success

Surviving in the present music industry has become harder than it would have been years ago. In it are lots of competitive sectors with dozens of other artists, new and old. It is obvious that the recent developments in the world of music has been brought by improvements in electronics and technology – urging independent musicians to believe thriving alone can be possible with so much technology to utilize. However, the world of music is not easy and the naive ones always get grounded by stronger and wiser artists who have spent most of their time finding the right means to survive.

This can be easily observed with the merchandise and advertising schemes you are presented today. From unofficial unplugged performance recordings and Mixtape Covers to out-of-this-world concerts and abrupt world tours. One day you’ll hear about consecutive release of albums and then hear a sudden hiatus on the other. All of these are things well-known musicians can do because people expect a lot from them, but even getting to where they are is difficult.

It takes a lot of real effort to bring yourself to a level wherein people will adore and support all your gigs in the industry. It’s because of this reason that you get a profound respect among artists you often hear in radios and televisions, because you know that they too have gone through hardships. Everyone goes the same path at some point and although a lot of start-up musicians are told that the road is rough, many expect to become successful as long as they follow the normal approach.

What does it take to become popular in the music industry? With dozens of other talented people lurking around for a chance, it is hard to believe all you need is a good voice. In fact, this is not a viable path anymore with the competition you have to face. There is no specific answer to this question, but you can believe that if you take all your time and effort perfecting and honing your skills, it will start to pay off. Be versatile to the extent that you can perform any collaboration gig thrown your way. Learn the tricks of the game and strive to excel in all projects you do. If you consistently show people your best, they will be eventually pulled in to your work and see your genius. Once you get noticed, your career will start to move forward as long as you keep up the effort.

As a beginner in the industry, you will be exposed to several phases before you kick-start your career. All of these phases are aimed for you to make a presence in the industry and be known to the right people. While all processes are just simple publicity and social meet-ups, it can still make or break your career if you become careless. If you go through it appropriately, you can expect a better career course.

One of the phases you will have to undergo during your career is the creation of your product – your music. As most people know, you have to start with doing everything on your own since this is more economical and it will serve as your debut work – which serves as a mirror to your talents. It will be the album people will remember you for and will be the catalyst of your career success. The phase starts with writing your music, followed by recording and then producing them in mixtapes. After this is done, you can start participating in profit-making business by selling your mixtapes to the public. The flow may seem simple all processes aside, but you have to handle everything smartly if you want to make it a complete success.

Among all the known approaches to make big in the music industry, producing and selling mixtapes have been the center of attention. Today’s musicians especially those without contracts prefer to produce mixtapes since it reaches fans more effectively without coming out as an obvious income-generating scheme. Since it has also been a traditional technique for years, lots of people find it a matter-of-fact. Mixtapes are a great way to distribute your music and if you do the production phase right, it can earn you a superstar status as well as a good income.

The only problem with most independent artists today is making the right appearance choices for their mixtapes. While the greater emphasis should be given to the content, it is not acceptable to neglect the outer appearance. Some artists do the design themselves believing their creativity can pull it through, finding out in the end that the process was not as easy as it seemed. This is even more evident for artists who have very unique tastes in design. While doing things personally can save professional costs, sacrificing the quality of your mixtape is too high a price to pay in order to save a few bucks. Instead, look at it from another perspective. If you make your mixtape a visual magnet, you will earn a lot from sales that’s more than enough to cover the expenses you had for hiring an artist.

Designing a Mixtape Cover requires a minimum level of creativity. Since this is the first thing people will see upon looking at the merchandise, it is important to ensure that people will be curious enough to hold on to them until they reach the counter. Despite the obvious reality, it seems that most artists are not aware of the importance of good graphics on the mixtape cover. It should be noted that everything you produce under your name will be treated as an extension of yourself. Treat it as minor branding. If they see your tapes all doodled and populated with nothing but useless images, they’ll see you as someone who’s random and lacks depth. If you have a mixtape cover that can attract thousands of buyers to purchase it, then you can smile your way to the spotlight up to the top of the music industry. Besides, let’s be real about it. Everyone wants to produce good looking products, no matter how small or less valuable they are.

From a business perspective, first impression is what matters most. Due to this fact, whether you are an individual artist, a song group, or a band, you must produce a beautifully and appropriately designed mixtape cover in order to gain fans and bring your career to success.

The reason why I had to stress out “beautiful” and “appropriate” at the same time is because designing is not just about putting a pretty picture on your cover. It needs to connect to your work. Like a visual suggestion of what the audience will find inside the mixtape. It has to be a representation of yourself, your music and the message you want your audience to get. This is why your cover should not be just beautiful but also appropriate to your music and reputation.

Social studies and surveys among music enthusiasts today suggest that the old norm of not judging things based on appearance has been long forgotten. In fact, the current music audience is more inclined to choose preferences based on appearance. In the case of purchasing a mixtape, anyone will have to consider the appearance as well before spending money.

Now that you know what needs to be done in order to create a well-received mixtape, the next step is to plan the entire production process. Within this step, you have to accept that you can’t do everything on your own. You need a capital for a project and you need the right people to do the job. You don’t have to call out for the best in their fields though. Even ordinary graphic artists can make miracles for your mixtape if you guide them during the design phase. As long as you dedicate time to be hands-on on the project, the result will be guaranteed tailored for your taste.

Although money and time is of the essence, it is essential that you don’t scrimp on them. There are many graphic artists out there but you just can’t hire some random guy. One of the things you’ll need from the artist is experience. If it’s about mixtapes, Mixtape Cover King is a certified veteran. Artists with experience know effective tricks and have an idea of the standards your cover has to meet. Moreover, they can provide suggestions to make your plan even better.

On the other hand, you also need to provide the artist a lot of time. It is important to discuss this matter with the artist. If you deal with a team of professionals, you can expect them to work fast and maintain a high-quality work. Moreover, they will have a good estimate of how long they can finish a project. All these are helpful measures in order to keep your plan in place and make the entire production a success.

From the point of view from fans and critics, seeing your mixtape well-designed by professionals will give an overall positive response. Showing them that you are giving serious thought to your merchandise and that you are not taking the music industry lightly commands respect from professionals in the field. Above all, you are guaranteed to have a cover that’s both attractive to yourself and the fans. This increases your reputation as well as the number of people who admire your work.

Musicians are known to give their all into producing music for their fans. Don’t waste your music by putting it in unattractive mixtape covers. Since music is an expression of your soul, use the covers as an expression of your determination to succeed in the industry. In turn, all people who will see your work will give you the attention your efforts deserve.

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