Effective SEO action to boost web traffic

If you think that you have a website and after a few days traffic will start flowing or people start visiting to your site automatically than you are wrong. You have to follow the advanced positive methods of SEO as a means of transportation to get there. It is very simple, as  we need means of communication to reach a particular destination, the same way we need to deploy different techniques for the peoples to visit our site.
The Five Most Effective Ways To Drive Traffic:
1. Article Marketing- over 80% of what shows up in natural search is articles.
2. Video Marketing- videos are powerful tools for promoting content and ranking .
3. Social Media- Twitter has moved to top 16 and facebook is now second most visited site.
4. Social Bookmarking-Less interaction but more people working together to promote content  
5. Press Releases- You will be able to find hundreds of popular directories that are SEO friendly, albeit not often.
Eight Additional Ways to Promote your website:
1. Online Advertising and  PPC - Advanced and cost money.  
2. Software Creation- Most advanced and requires time.
3. Telemarketing- Through conference calls and voicemail marketing.
4. Direct Mail- Placing cards for purchases.
5. Business Networking- Placing website on business card.
6. Radio Advertising- It works only if you had the right target market and costly too.
7. Seminars/Webinars- Establishes you as a leader and easily can send peoples to your site to buy.
Traffic is an integral part of any website. For any website to be at the top of the search engines, it must have the regular targeted traffic. Website without visitors will spoil all your efforts and you will not see any result. Start carrying out these strategy right away so you can make more money with this source online.

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