My Laptop Computer Made Me Cool!

I've had desktop computers for years but until last year I hadn't really thought about getting a laptop for two reasons:

# They cost more than desktops
# I didn't think that I needed one

What Changed?

The biggest change that I had last year was that I stopped smoking. When you quit that horrible habit you need to keep yourself focused and your mind occupied so I spent more time on my computer writing and building websites. It was uncomfortable using my desktop for more than an hour or so at a time. My legs got stiff and my back ached. I was sitting by the window and even double glazed it feels draughty sometimes.

My cat Sparky hated me being on my desktop and would sit on the TV behind me and paw at my hair. If that didn't get my total attention she would sit on the keyboard and threaten to scratch me when I moved her.

When you stop smoking, apart from being healthier you save a surprising amount of money. It helps to have a target to aim for so that every month you squirrel away a set amount and the savings build up until you can reward yourself with whatever takes your fancy.

When I had saved about £700 I browsed the Internet looking for my dream notebook computer and I found it in the Sony Vaio that I am writing on right now. It had all of the specs that I desired and it was my favourite colour dark red. What more could a girl want I asked myself

When my new laptop arrived I fell for it instantly and wished that I had stopped smoking sooner so that I could have had the gorgeous machine for longer. It's great being able to sit back on my settee in total comfort and write for as long as I want.

No more draughts, backaches and stiff legs and I get even more work done now that I'm working in comfort. As for that cat, she doesn't like the laptop either but at least she can lie down besides me and get stroked when I stop to think. I won't use that pawse for thought gag.

My grandkids think that it's cool. Because they live quite a distance away I only see them every month or so when I can stop over for the weekend. The next to last visit we all ended up on the settee with myself in the middle, my 6 year old grandson on his daddie's Mac laptop and my 4 year old granddaughter on her mummy's work laptop playing games on the Internet.

It's mind boggling really that children so young are so totally comfortable with computers and that they are capable enough to use them without their parents being worried about them being damaged. It was Fuzzy Felt and dolls when I was that age.

I took my own notebook computer the last time I stayed over and wrote 2 articles on the train going. As soon as my grandkids saw my Sony Vaio notebook computer their eyes were like saucers and they both wanted to play on my laptop instead of the ones belonging to their parents. I ended up with the Mac and if you can picture the three of us all sitting in a row with laptops on our knees and getting excited over the games, that's me and the grandkids. Whatever happened to grannies knitting you might think.

My grandkids are taking a great deal of interest in my websites and we have even earmarked one each for them when they are a little older. By then they will have their own notebook computers because that's what they are getting from Santa next Christmas.

I am now seriously wondering about my objections to getting a notebook computer because I have found that even though laptops initially cost more than desktops they are easier for me to work on, I get more done and earn more. I can take it wherever I want to go and most important - I need one now that my grandkids think that I'm cool.

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