CadFaster|QuickStep 2009 R4, Ultimate STEP Viewer Tool

CadFaster has launched a new version of CadFaster|QuickStep, a free and innovative 3D STEP viewer for CAD professionals. CadFaster|QuickStep is a completely new kind of viewer tool for 3D professionals. It is not only STEP viewer, all major data exchange formats are supported. CadFaster|QuickStep also supports both DirectX and OpenGL APIs and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The latest CadFaster|QuickStep release enables the exporting of portable EXE files and an exact tape measure tool. These features extend the user base to the PCB (printed circuit board) and manufacturing businesses. The viewing tool provides superior image quality and performance boost without the need for any extra hardware. Viewing the largest 3D datasets is now possible even with modest hardware. CadFaster|QuickStep is powered by the CadFaster|Engine which includes the latest software-based polygon reduction technologies. The core technology of CadFaster|Engine is available for producers of CAD/CAE, simulation, animation, visualization and scientific 3D software. The solutions developed for accelerated 3D display can also be utilized, for example, in other PLM/PDM sector applications using 3D graphics.

CadFaster|QuickStep facilitates the speeding up of design workflow, viewing and collaboration by helping in sharing large and complex CAD models between designers and reviewers. CadFaster|QuickStep users benefit from genuinely interactive viewing operations. Rotation, zooming, panning, and component selections can be performed extremely fast and without a toolbar or keyboard. The HSF file format offers short document opening times and, owing to the compressed and fully streamable media format, enables models to be easily transferred online.

In the latest release of CadFaster|QuickStep Professional there is a feature called portable EXE export which allows saving 3D models into standard EXE format. These exported EXE-files can be shared to any other PC via email or USB stick. No installation of any software is needed: user simply clicks the EXE file and model is opened immediately. There is also new tape measure tool available for Professional version users.

The CadFaster|QuickStep 3D viewer is available for free at:
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